About us

It’s not easy for us to write about ourselves but here we go!


Who we are

We are Yvonne and Neil.

Originally from just outside Birmingham in the UK. We have now lived in the small traditional village of Glossa on Skopelos since 2007.

The time seemed right for us to throw caution to the wind and have a go at living the dream!

So we packed up our jobs as social worker and firefighter. Packed our bags and headed off for a new life on a small Greek island.

Time has flown by and there have been many adventures, some good and some not so good but we are loving this new life!

What we do

We set up this web site to promote locally owned properties not long after first arriving in Glossa. It has led to us looking after and advertising several properties on the island.

In 2012 we added a new string to our bow by adding sea kayaking tours. You can join us on a day trip exploring the coast of Skopelos, visiting uninhabited islands, sea caves and secret beaches. If you want something shorter then our evening sunset tours are for you. Learn to kayak or improve your skills with our coaching courses or make your Skopelos holiday a kayaking one! For the more adventurous amongst you why not come along on a multi day expedition visiting the islands of the Northern Sporades.

Where we live

After selling up in the UK we are now based permanently in the small hillside village of Glossa to the north of Skopelos.

Glossa village clings to the hillside above the port of Loutraki. There are spectacular views from the village across the Aegean sea to Skiathos and the distant Greek mainland.

There are a number of excellent tavernas, restaurants and cafes in the village, each one offering its own specialty.