Skopelos island information


Skopelos island is part of the Northern Sporades chain of islands that lie in the Aegean sea just off the Eastern coast of mainland Greece. With over 70% of its mountains covered with pristine pine forest, Skopelos is said to be the greenest of the islands of Greece.
Skopelos is made up of mainly limestone that rises to a height of 680 meters, the combination of the bright green forest, brilliant white rock and crystal clear turquoise Aegean sea make this island probably the most stunning in Greece. About 13 miles long and 5 miles at its widest point, Skopelos is pear shaped in appearance and is the largest of the Sporades islands. A myriad of tracks and trails (mono paty) lead through the cool shade of the trees to ancient historical sites and secret beaches, making Skopelos the perfect island holiday destination all year round.

Skopelos sits between Skiathos and Alonissos on the edge of the largest marine conservation area in Greece, these three islands, known locally as “The Gates of the Wind” are the only inhabited islands of the Sporades, but there are many more smaller islands waiting to be explored by boat or sea kayak.

The island has two main towns, Skopelos to the south which is built round the port in an ampithereter style and has all the trappings of a tourist resort. Glossa is the second biggest village on Skopelos, and is built on the hillside above Loutraki harbour with views across the Aegean to Skiathos. There is much written about Skopelos Town but very little about the traditional village of Glossa.

Skopelos was once invaded by the pirate Barbarosa and his motley crew, who slaughtered the entire population! Thankfully its a bit more peaceful nowadays, although August can get a bit hairy and busy, but outside of these crazy few weeks, Skopelos, said to be the greenest of the Greek islands, remains relatively undiscovered, even after its beaches and churches played host to the cast and crew of Mamma Mia the movie, there are still deserted beaches to be found, peaceful trails to walk, ancient sites to visit and miles of coast line to explore by kayak. At the end of the day why not head to Glossa village, pull up a chair, grab a glass of something to relax the muscles and watch the sun sink slowly into Skiathos!