Bus journey planner for Skopelos

Information for planning your bus journey to Skopelos.

Your bus journey to Skopelos will probably involve KTEL who are the official bus company in Greece.

Generally you will be traveling from either Athens or Thessaloniki to one of the mainland ports to take a ferry to Skopelos.


From Athens airport you need to take the X93 local bus. A ticket costs about 5 euro, you pay the driver. Ask the driver to let you know when the bus gets to Liosion for the Kifisos main terminal. This is the stop closest to the main bus station but is still a few hundred meters away.

Once in the main bus station at Kifisos you can get your bus journey tickets to several different ports.

Agios Constantinos: 2:20hrs bus journey time (Hellenic Seaways and Aegean flying dolphin sail from here only in the summer months May to October).

Mantoudi on Evia: 2:30hrs bus journey time (Anes sail from here year round).

Volos: 4:30hrs bus journey time (all ferry companies sail from here year round).


Outside the airport you will see the taxi rank, beyond this is the bus stop and ticket kiosk. The kiosk is only open during the day.

From the airport take the 78 bus to the Macedonia bus terminal (last stop so just stay on the bus!). Tickets are 1 euro from the kiosk at the bus stop (validate your ticket when you get on the bus! orange box) or 2 euro from the machine on the bus.

Once at the terminal find desk 18 which is next to the large cafe, and get a ticket to Volos. Bus journey time 2:30. Cost 19 euro.

Skopelos bus service

The local Skopelos buses run a regular service up and down the island, stopping at all the main beaches and villages. During the summer the buses run about every hour. In the winter the service is reduced to about once a day. Pay on the bus, its about 6.50 euro to go from Skopelos town to Loutraki. Bus journey time is about 1:20 hours.

Train journey to Skopelos

Traveling by train to get to Skopelos.

There is a good train network in Greece. Here we will cover trains from Athens and Thessaloniki to Volos. This is where you will take the ferry to get to Skopelos.

The country side in Greece is stunning with spectacular mountains, lakes and sea. Taking a train journey is probably the best way to soak up these views.

Train from Athens

From Athens international airport there is a train every hour to the central railway station.

Trains run daily to Larissa where you change taking a local train to Volos. The total journey time is about 5 hours. Tickets cost about 30 euro.

Train from Thessaloniki

The train station is about 20 km from the airport. The cheapest way to get there is to use the number 78 bus. The ticket costs about 0.50 euros if bought from the kiosk at the airport, or 0,60 euros if bought on the bus. Buses run every 45 minutes and the journey takes 30 to 50 minutes depending on the traffic. You can also take a taxi, which will be slightly quicker, but it will be more expensive at around 15-20 euros.

Again you need to take the train to Larissa and change there for the train to Volos. Total journey time is about 2:30 hours. Tickets cost between 15 to 20 euro.

The train from Thessaloniki to Larissa passes in the shadow of Mount Olympus.


The train station in Volos if quite close to the port. It would take about 15 minutes to walk or 5 minutes in a taxi.

When you come out of the train station turn left and just keep going until you get to the fishing boats in the port. Follow the sea front to the left to the ferry port entrance. The ticket offices are opposite.

For train timetables, ticket prices and further information have a look at Trainose.